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KKCompany leverages its core technology of “streaming, cloud, big data, and AI” to provide consulting services that cater to the needs of our customers. In addition to developing streaming platforms using our proprietary R&D technology and vast experience, we also integrate big data analysis to create technology that is accessible, affordable, and enjoyable. Our streaming platforms are also designed to support diverse application scenarios, driving the digital transformation of various industries.

Flagship Brand

Music Streaming


KKBOX, the most influential Mandarin music streaming brand launched in 2004. . With over 6 billion minutes of listening each year, KKBOX has developed a unique community through its social listening feature "Listen With", personalized recommendation engine , podcasting as well as its own lyric database, creating a complete music discovery ecosystem.


A leading brand in cloud streaming technology and a proprietary product brand, offers comprehensive video streaming solutions and flexible modular products for data analysis, AI recommendation, and other cloud service needs. It’s dedicated to helping corporate clients harness the benefits of streaming technology, overcome technical barriers and develop a variety of industry applications to create new and ideal business models.

Cloud Services


A leading technical consultant for cloud transformation providing solutions that effectively reduce development, operation, and labor costs necessary for businesses to gain their competitive advantage in digital era.

Products & Services

ODM Service

We offer all-around streaming technology and marketing services to create customized music/sound streaming platforms for corporate brands.

Public Broadcasting Service

Our digital copyright protection, diverse video library, and streaming technology allow businesses to legally play music in public spaces.

Podcast Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) Service

We provide DAI (Dynamic Audio Insertion) to allow customers to target audiences for audio ads, enhancing the effectiveness of our marketing efforts.

BlendVision for OTT

Leveraging our expertise in the industry, we assist companies with their digital transformation needs by helping them create their own video streaming platforms.

BlendVision One

Livestream, encode and manage your video all in one place - a no-code multimedia platform that is ready to deliver valued video assets globally.

BlendVision for Developers

Build seamless and engaging video experience in any platform and app with comprehensive video APIs and SDKs.

Big Data and AI Services

Our turnkey solutions range from building data warehouses and dashboards to implementing recommendation engines and forecasts powered by AI/ML.

Cloud Services

By leveraging cloud migration, cloud computing, and customized cloud environments, we provide strong support for accelerating digital transformation.

Tech Consulting Services

We offer professional software consulting and customized cloud solutions.

Podcast DAI 動態廣告插播服務


BlendVision LIVE




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