KKCompany Teams Up with LEO Systems to Target Generative AI Needs in Smart Manufacturing and Financial Sectors, Driving Innovation and Digital Transformation

Asia’s leading AI multimedia technology group, KKCompany Technologies, has announced a strategic partnership with Taiwan’s well-established system service provider, LEO Systems, through its cloud intelligence brand, Going Cloud. Building on their successful AIoT hybrid cloud project, the partnership will now focus on expanding generative AI technology. KKCompany plans to leverage LEO Systems’ distribution network to promote Going Cloud’s innovative AI products and services. This collaboration aims to accelerate digital transformation in the smart manufacturing and financial sectors by introducing advanced AI solutions.

In recent years, the demand for generative AI applications in the manufacturing and financial sectors has been growing rapidly. A report by the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA) estimates that the global market for generative AI will expand to $211 billion by 2030. The manufacturing sector is expected to experience the most significant growth, reaching $50.7 billion, followed by the financial sector, which is projected to reach $43.9 billion by 2030.


A powerful collaboration returns! Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and extensive industry expertise to deliver innovative solutions for clients.


Going Cloud is a leading market cloud transformation technology consultant, and an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Solution Provider Program partner, with certified AWS Migration Competency. The company focuses on developing AI solutions and mastering generative AI technologies, including AI chatbots, content generation, and AI-driven precise search engines and recommendation systems. Andy Huang, General Manager of KKCompany’s Digital Business Solutions Business, stated, “Going Cloud’s strengths in cloud AI technology and extensive service experience can bring competitive advantages to our customers while creating more business opportunities. By integrating LEO Systems’ years of accumulated expertise in the manufacturing and financial industries, both companies will be able to accelerate generative AI application scenarios, enhancing internal control quality for manufacturers and fostering innovation for financial clients within safe and compliant frameworks.”

Founded in 1985, LEO Systems has been deeply rooted in the industry for nearly 40 years, focusing on collaborative technology, integration, and management services. The company assists enterprise customers in planning ICT infrastructure by utilizing innovative technologies such as 5G, AI, cybersecurity, and automation to deliver tailored system integration solutions. LEO Systems Chairman and General Manager, Tony Wang, commented, “KKCompany’s Going Cloud excels in integrating ‘cloud, data, and AI’ technologies. Following our AIoT cloud-ground hybrid project, this new collaboration focuses on implementing generative AI applications. By incorporating Going Cloud’s AI solutions, we aim to drive digital transformation for the manufacturing and financial sectors. We are excited to deepen our partnership and bring new growth momentum to our customers.”


Introducing generative AI to free up repetitive tasks, significantly boosting production efficiency and cutting costs.


Leveraging the expertise of Going Cloud and LEO Systems in advancing smart manufacturing, the process of gathering factory data to the cloud and creating AIoT-based solutions has revealed a growing demand for generative AI. This is particularly evident in production line operations and business management processes. By training AI chatbots with large language models and integrating document workflows into databases, companies can reduce the substantial human labor required for internal controls. This helps improve production efficiency, minimize workplace accidents, and lower training expenses.

Meanwhile, with the loosening of regulations on the cloudification of data for the financial industry’s three sectors last August, the adoption of cloud technologies in the financial industry has accelerated. Applying generative AI technology to the financial industry is already within reach. By implementing Going Cloud’s AI solutions, financial institutions can ensure security and compliance while freeing employees from repetitive tasks, boosting productivity, cutting costs, and enhancing customer satisfaction. For example, AI chatbots can interact with customers, answer common queries automatically in natural language, assist with basic transactions, and perform risk assessments and fraud detection. They can also incorporate translation features to improve service quality in branches. Additionally, generative AI technology can streamline risk management by helping risk control units generate credit reports quickly and efficiently based on historical data.

KKCompany and LEO Systems are broadening their partnership to leverage Going Cloud’s advanced cloud AI technology. This collaboration aims to assist the manufacturing and financial sectors in adopting generative AI solutions while ensuring security and compliance, thus driving digital transformation and fostering innovation in enterprises.