KKCompany Technologies Announces Partnership with Thai Company to Expand Presence in Southeast Asia

Going Cloud Joins Forces with AMPOS to Provide Cloud, AI, and Streaming Solutions to Empower Industry

Going Cloud, a flagship brand of leading multinational technology group KKCompany Technologies, today announced a strategic partnership with AMPOS, a leading digital solution provider in Thailand. As part of its commitment to the Southeast Asian market, KKCompany is excited to establish this partnership with AMPOS, its first official partner in Thailand. The alliance allows Going Cloud to leverage AMPOS’ distribution network and local resources to offer cloud computing, AI solutions, and streaming technologies to local businesses. The partnership will increase KKCompany’s service footprint in Southeast Asia and accelerate digital transformation in the smart retail and media entertainment industries.

As a leading technical consultant for cloud transformation and an AWS-certified Advanced Tier Consulting Partner, Going Cloud provides cloud, data, AI solutions, and technology consulting services across Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan. “It’s definitely in our mutual interest to partner with AMPOS, as we share the same business value of data privacy protection and the belief in data-driven business. Combining both parties’ strengths and service experience in cloud computing and AI technology will create more business opportunities for local customers,” said Andy Huang, General Manager of Going Cloud Business, KKCompany. “The foray into Thailand is our first stop for expansion in Southeast Asia and we’ll increase our presence in more countries, including Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Indonesia. We look forward to working with AMPOS to spearhead digital transformation in the industry.”

Based in Bangkok, Thailand, AMPOS is a cloud service provider that helps organizations bridge the gap between technology and business solutions. As a subsidiary of Integrity Consulting and Service (ICS), AMPOS provides data-driven talent management and owns a strong local support team to help clients tackle real-world business challenges. Through this partnership, Going Cloud and AMPOS aim to empower the e-commerce retail and media entertainment industries with advanced technology solutions. “We’re excited to enter into a partnership with Going Cloud. This strategic alliance manifests that both parties pay special attention to intelligent cloud technology,” said Bancha Dhammarungruang, Founder and CEO of AMPOS. By combining expertise from both companies and leveraging Going Cloud’s outstanding integration capabilities of cloud, data, and AI, AMPOS helps organizations deploy advanced technology solutions while reducing costs, increasing revenues, and making better decisions.


Going Cloud features two major AI solutions: Inventory forecasting to enable smart warehousing systems and personalized recommendations to empower e-commerce retailers

With a powerful data lakehouse, Going Cloud’s data analysis services help clients manage, integrate, and analyze data while ensuring data privacy and data security. Through the collaborative partnership between Going Cloud and AMPOS, a major Thai retailer is planning to implement inventory forecasting technology, paving the way for the creation of the smart warehousing system. After being introduced to Going Cloud’s Clickstream analytics tools, they also aim to leverage integrated customer data. This initiative seeks to optimize personalized recommendations, further boosting the add-to-cart conversion rate and average order value, effectively increasing the e-commerce conversion rate in preparation for the holiday shopping season in the second half of the year.


BlendVision streaming service sets foot in Thailand, with rave reviews from local cable TV networks and OTT service providers

Over the past few years, major OTT service providers’ investment has continuously grown in Thailand. With genres spanning boys’ love(BL), action, romance, and more, all of which are well-received by viewers and successfully sold to overseas markets. Many Thai actors and actresses have come to Taiwan to hold meet-and-greets. Not only does Thai content strike a chord with overseas viewers, but Thailand has also seen continuous growth in OTT user base. Currently, there are more than 20 streaming platform operators in Thailand. Their presence has propelled local TV networks to accelerate digital transformation. Moreover, the partnership with AMPOS has driven local companies’ attention to BlendVision, a KKCompany-owned multimedia product brand that specializes in streaming technology. Local OTT platforms and major TV networks show great interest in features BlendVision has to offer, including live streaming, AI-enabled video encoding, video on demand (VOD) hosting service, and Hollywood-level content production. A number of local players have actively sought out business opportunities with BlendVision.