KKCompany’s Deep Cultivation Helps To Boost Japan Animation Industry

BlendVision’s high quality + low latency allows animation studio Noovo to achieve technological breakthroughs

KKCompany unveils its ultra-low latency technology at Inter BEE 2022

[November 21, 2022, Taipei] KKStream, a B2B streaming technology provider as well as the subsidiary of KKCompany (the leading media technology group in Asia) reveals streaming solution BlendVision to bring animation production industry to the next level in addition to services applied to industries including online events, global seminars, and home fitness. The combination of exclusive Ultra Low Latency technology, high-quality streaming, automated text recording and Digital Rights Management (DRM) successfully addresses the remote production demands of Japan animation studio Noovo to promote the digital transformation of the industry.

Ultra-Low Latency Technology achieved by BlendVision to improve remote communication efficiency of Noovo

Established in 2020, Noovo is an animation production company committed to the digital transformation of animation industry by creating a digital environment that allows creators to work anywhere. Japanese animation directors and relevant personnel used to hold production meetings in the same office, but the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic forced production teams to start remote editing. However, conventional video conferencing software cannot show high-quality images or colors precisely in real-time preview, which are the most critical parts in animation production, and a production delay could thus occur.

After comparing various streaming systems on the market, Noovo decided to work with KKCompany. BlendVision’s Ultra Low Latency streaming technology not only satisfies Noovo’s demands of high image quality and accurate colors but also features DRM and chat rooms. BlendVision displays livestreaming screen and text chat simultaneously in theater mode. After the meeting, videos and recorded text will be automatically saved and converted to VOD and CSV files to allow attendees to check according to time stamps. This feature, essential to video production, successfully addresses the challenges Noovo faced in remote production meetings. Noovo CEO Hideo Uda commented, “BlendVision provides a high-quality and ultra-low latency streaming solution that allows studios to connect with their members working from home and mobile offices in real-time, and makes remote production smoother. AnimatorSpaceTokyo, a virtual production environment operated by Noovo, supports animators and animation studios to create animations in the best way to foster more excellent animation creators.”

Faster than broadcast TV! KKCompany unveils new Ultra Low Latency technology for the first time at Inter BEE 2022

COVID-19 has significantly impacted our life and working styles and makes streaming technology an essential part of a company’s digital transformation. Inter BEE, now in its 57th year, is the greatest professional exhibition for audio, video, and communication in Japan and has continued to move in step with the development of broadcasting media. With content at its core, Inter BEE centers on technical elements of producing, transmitting, and experiencing. This year, KKCompany participated in Inter BEE 2022 for 4 consecutive years to present a flywheel experience of physical immersion by leveraging its audio/video streaming solution BlendVision, and showcase its exclusive Ultra Low Latency technology by demonstrating a latency of less than 3 seconds through LIVE Demo.

KKCompany Chief Operation Officer Steve Wang mentioned, “As a subsidiary of KKCompany, KKStream provides B2B streaming technology services, develops a multimedia streaming platform as well as holds large-scale live events for companies; this allows KKStream to accumulate abundant technical capabilities and experiences. This time, we accelerate Noovo’s communication of remote animation production by leveraging BlendVision featuring ultra-low latency technology. By participating in Inter BEE, the greatest professional exhibition of audio, video and communication in Japan, KKStream reveals the unlimited possibilities of streaming technology applications to drive us to continue expanding Japanese market and empower more companies to accelerate digital transformation.”