Pre-IPO Round of Funding from Chunghwa Telecom, Trend Micro, and Various Investors Fuels KKCompany Technologies’ Global Expansion

Leading multinational technology group KKCompany Technologies announced a $40 million Pre-IPO funding from Chunghwa Telecom, Trend Micro, and various investors. With this latest funding, which follows investments from prominent companies such as KDDI, GIC and HTC, KKCompany continues to enrich its constellation of shareholders. These investments will help to accelerate KKCompany’s international expansion, product development, and the cultivation of technology talent.

Chunghwa Telecom Takes a Bigger Role in Supporting KKCompany, Fortifying a Long-Standing Partnership

Chunghwa Telecom and KKCompany have fostered a deep and enduring partnership. Chunghwa Telecom recognizes KKCompany’s achievements in Taiwan, Japan, and Southeast Asia, and is very positive about the latter’s potential in multimedia streaming, digital cloud solutions, and AI applications. As KKCompany nears an IPO, Chunghwa Telecom is increasing its investment, providing invaluable support for KKCompany’s expansion in Southeast Asia and the rest of the world.

Shui-Yi Kuo, Chairman of Chunghwa Telecom, said, “Chunghwa Telecom has always prioritized investments in enterprises that exhibit both local value and the potential for international market growth. Our foresight regarding the music industry led us to invest in KKBOX Taiwan, a pivotal subsidiary of KKCompany, nearly 16 years ago. Together, we have effectively cultivated Taiwan’s streaming music market, yielding strong results. In recent years, our collaboration has witnessed the launch of innovative 5G services such as KKBOX Music Awards and music performances featuring groundbreaking elements such as remote joint performance, holographic projections, 5G SA edge computing, and VR concerts, all contributing to Taiwan’s burgeoning music industry. Chunghwa Telecom maintains its confidence in KKCompany’s remarkable growth potential in 5G innovation, cloud and AI applications. We will deepen our commercial partnership, harnessing KKCompany’s cutting-edge technologies, combined with 5G bandwidth and low latency, to offer consumers a multitude of innovative entertainment experiences, and venture into the Asia-Pacific and International arenas.”

Acquiring Global Development Insights, KKCompany Amplifies Global Channel Capabilities through Trend Micro

Investment from Trend Micro will help KKCompany in expanding its operations in the Japanese market and other overseas regions. CEO of Trend Micro, Eva Chen stated, “Trend Micro has maintained a longstanding focus on the evolution of 5G technology, and our experience in expanding both within Japan and globally can assist KKCompany in seizing a preemptive advantage in the 5G application market.” 

“We plan to seek a public listing in Taiwan during the 4th quarter of this year. We are delighted to have secured a fresh infusion of capital from such prestigious conglomerates as Chunghwa Telecom, Trend Micro, and various investors before the listing. I firmly believe that our future collaborations will catapult Taiwan’s software technology capabilities to international prominence. The business entities under the umbrella of KKCompany, including music streaming, multimedia technology, and digital business solutions, anticipate joining hands with our commercial partners to provide exemplary products and services to both enterprises and the wider consumer base.” said Steve Wang, Chairman and CEO of KKCompany.