KKCompany Technologies(KKCompany)is a leading multinational technology group and a leader in software services. We leverage our core business of “multimedia technologies, digital cloud, and AI applications to provide consulting services that cater to the needs of our customers. Our flagship brands include KKBOX, BlendVision and Going Cloud with a corporate clientele spanning across Asia.

Defining and Innovating
New Generations of Music Streaming

KKCompany’s flagship brand, KKBOX, is the first legal music streaming service in the world. Starting from Taiwan, it has been pivotal in shaping the music landscape throughout Asia for almost two decades.Its services have since expanded to Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. KKCompany’s diverse range of music products include its own brands as well as cross-industry partnerships.In addition to its own brand, it also creates music streaming services for other brands in Japan.

Next Generation Streaming Solutions
for Next Generation Business Models

BlendVision, a leading brand in cloud streaming technology, is dedicated to helping corporate clients overcome technical barriers and develop a variety of industry applications to create new and ideal business models. BlendVision serves the Japan, Taiwan, and Asia-Pacific regions in industries including telecommunications, audio and video media, sports and fitness, and online education.

Leading Technical Consultant
for Cloud Transformation

Going Cloud, a proprietary product brand of KKCompany Technologies, is a leading technical consultant for cloud transformation dedicated to helping businesses realize digital transformation by customizing digital strategies and technical consulting to modernize client’s IT architecture and enacting data-driven strategies to accelerate business growth.

We offer services across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and more.