Innovation Made Simple

KKCompany Technologies, Asia’s leading AI multimedia technology group is a pioneer in the field of software services. Our signature product KKBOX is the world’s first platform that offers legal music streaming service. At KKCompany, we are committed to creating values for customers with core businesses of multimedia technologies, digital cloud, and AI applications. Our flagship brands include KKBOX, BlendVision and Going Cloud. We serve a wide range of corporate clients across Asia.

Customized Streaming Service for Corporate Clients
Comprehensive Business Integration for More Opportunities

KKCompany’s flagship brand KKBOX is the world’s first platform to bring legal music streaming service to the public. First launched in Taiwan, KKBOX has been shaping the music landscape throughout Asia for almost two decades. With a footprint across Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan, KKCompany has a broad array of music products of its own and innovations through cross-industry partnerships. While serving end users, the company also provides integrated technical and business services. In addition to its own brand, KKCompany has also created exclusive music streaming services for Japanese companies.

Enable Businesses to Achieve AI Transformation
with Cloud-based Streaming Applications

BlendVision, a leading brand in multimedia technology, is dedicated to helping corporate clients achieve AI transformation and empowering industries by leveraging multimedia streaming applications. BlendVision has a strong presence in Asia and is exploring possibilities to strengthen its position in the global market. It is widely adopted across various industries such as telecommunication, multimedia, fitness, online education and more. Featuring three major technologies—AI-powered recommendation, data analysis, and cloud services, BlendVision provides comprehensive video streaming solutions and flexible modular products to help businesses implement streaming technology, overcome technology barriers for diversified applications and create ideal business models.

Professional Technical Consulting Services
Customized Digital Cloud Transformation for Businesses

With professional offerings and years of experience in digital transformation, Going Cloud provides leading technical consulting services to help businesses achieve digital cloud transformation and get a head start in the market. We offer services across Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and more.